Sunday, February 19, 2012

She's Making Jewelry Now...

This video is kind of embarrassingly accurate in that it nails people perceptions of what a 'jeweler' is. Oh, how strikingly different things are in my studio from what this video depicts! But, it's still pretty funny... enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing that, it made me laugh, it made me (almost) cry. It is, as you said, embarrassingly accurate. I hope that's not what people think I do...

    1. Yup, this is exactly why I cringe every time I have to explain what I do to someone... I like that you use the word 'jewellist,' beautifully accurate.

  2. Hahaha! Jewellist is nice. I always tell people you are a jewelry artist or designer....that seems to plant a better picture than one of you stringing seed beads onto a piece of monofilament with a pewter Michael's pendant in the middle....I hope.