Friday, November 25, 2011

Studio, in progress...

The new studio space is in progress! I can't wait to have it workable! So many boxes to unpack, shelves to hang, and tools to set up. Also, check out that huge clivia plant that I got from a friend... beautiful! And, I'm sure you'll agree that the color is a drastic improvement!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Repurposed Catalogue!

The catalogue for Repurposed came out, and I have a two page spread! The publication looks great, and I'm excited to be featured alongside some amazing artists. Thanks to Georgia State University for putting on the exhibition.

The future is looking bright (yellow)

So, I'm ecstatic to be moving into a new studio with some wonderful artists! The new space is located in the industrial neighborhood of Providence, so I'll be getting my studio closer to my home and work! The building is full of other working artists as well, and I'm really excited to have a place in a community of like minded people.

I've included some 'before' pictures below, which show off the space when we first signed the lease. Although it's really raw, it's pretty obvious how amazing it's going to be. Once the bright yellow is painted over, and the mulberry purple is gone... It'll be our future jewelry utopia...

Design Bureau Magazine!!!

I'm excited to share that my Knuckle Dusters have been featured in this months Design Bureau Magazine!

It's really neat to be included in Design Bureau, which connects a like-minded community of design enthusiasts across the world with one common idea: discovering great design and the people who make it happen.

Check out the image below highlighting my work. The article is from their gift guide , where my pieces were suggested for you to buy for your fashionable friend...